Additional Services
Expertise and solutions to improve the efficiency of your fleet

We have been developing our portfolio of services over a number of years to offer a true “one stop shop” to our clients. We can now take care of practically all your vehicle related service requirements that can be tailored to your individual specifications.

Fleet Policy Consultancy

Why don’t you let the experts do all the work for you? Our sales team can offer you a very bespoke fleet policy consultancy service to manage the balance between costs and HR requirements…

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Fleet Reporting

We provide our clients with various reporting options to meet their specific requirements. Our E-Fleet Controller portal caters for “Self Serve” requirements and compliments our bespoke scheduled email reporting tool…

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Fuel Management

Rising fuel costs make it all the more important to control the amount used. Our partnership with TMC ensures that all of your mileage capture and fuel card management requirements are catered for…

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Driver Licence Checking

Our “in house” driving licence checking service, Licence2Check, supplied in partnership Jaama, our Vehicle Management System provider, is a simple to use instant on line web based ….

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Driver Risk Profiling

Our “in house” Key2 Driver Risk Management system is a comprehensive, fully configurable risk management tool. It allows you to monitor and manage your driver risk to provide an holistic view of ……

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MID Management

It is a legal requirement that all vehicles are listed on the Motor Insurance Database (MID). If you are operating a fleet insurance policy we can help by managing this on your behalf…

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Whole Life Cost Analysis

Rather than focusing on the vehicle rental, Whole Life Cost analysis allows for an accurate total cost comparison between different vehicle makes and models over the period of the contract…

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